Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hudson is 6 months!

So I can't believe Hudson is six months and I guess it is a bittersweet moment for me. He is so much fun right now seeing him grow and learn new things. But I do miss him being so little. He is still my happy little boy but when he doesn't like something or if he wants something else he will for sure let me know. We were able to get hime weighed finally and he weighs 16 1/2 lbs and he is 26inches long. I thought he felt a lot heavier than 16lbs but I was wrong. I started him on some cereal finally and he likes it some days but other days he despises it. He hasn't had lots of bottles so instead I have been giving him a sippie cup and he likes that quite a bit. He is also starting to sit up on his own also, but still is a little tipsy. I bet by the end of the month he will have it down. Hudson is such a tease and I love seeing his little personality coming through each day. His favorite things are still waterbottles, the remote, cell phones, anything with a tag on it, his feet, hands, reading stories, and he plays pretty good with his toys. He is growing so fast and I am so grateful I am able to spend every day at home with him. Thanks Chan for working so hard for us and letting me be able to do that. I am excited to see Hudson grow and learn so many more things but it is sad how fast it goes.

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  1. wow brit- he is getting so big and he is gorgeous!!! i haven't blogged forever or cked anyone's blog either but this weekend had some time to update mine and ck out friends, i think you are the only family i know of that has a blog so it is fun!!! ill bet you are glad to be closer to home now!! good luck on the move to idaho for school!!!