Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Adventure Downtown!

We went downtown to go get the famous Philly Cheese Steak and we found a really good place but Chan wasn't raised on a cattle ranch because he ordered a Chicken Cheese Steak. But it was pretty good to say the least. We also went to Besty Ross's house which was very small and for all you that don't know your American History she was the woman who made the American flag. All the other places we tried to go to were all closed. It was a good day though. Also Hudson has been laying on his stomach more and just props hiself right up. And yes he can drool as displayed by the pictures. He also can roll over and he is starting to scoot on his back if he kicks hard enough. He is a strong little boy!

The first swim of the Summer!

The pool finally opened and I was so excited to take Hudson out and go swimming with him. He didn't know quite what to think at first, but after several coats of spf 60 sunscreen and his new swimming suite we were ready. The pool wasn't the warmest at first but he got use to it and started kicking under the water and loved it. I am excited for him to go swimming with his dad. After we swam for a while and his diaper was waterlogged we got out and he fell right to sleep. By the end of the summer he is going to love to swim and we are both going to be working on our tans so everyone watch out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shopping at the King of Prussia Mall

On Saturday a bunch of us wives went shopping at the King of Prussia Mall. It was super busy and when I go I have to wear good walking shoes because it is so huge and my feet are always killing me when we leave! We got all ready to go and Hudson was so excited I know it. He was such a good boy and slept most of the time and looked at all the people. We went and looked around for a couple of hours then went home to take a nap before we had to go and eat late because the office got another dinner goal. Yeah! So that meant another late night out, but it is always fun to go and be with our friends.

Hudson's New Friend!

Another tech in the office, Josh Wible and his wife Heidi just had a baby six weeks ago. His name is Jacob and he is a cutie. Hudson does't know what to think of his new friend yet, but we always lay them by eachother and it is funny to watch their facial expressions. They are so funny to watch.

The Jersey Shore

After church we drove to Wild Woods, New Jersey to go to the beach. Well, we thought it was going to be a nice day, but it was super windy and a little chilly. It was really neat to see the Atlantic Ocean though, let alone my first ocean ever! Hudson was not to impressed by it though we stuck his tiny feet in the water and he started screaming. He wasn't to fond of the wind either, so when he finally fell asleep we had put a big blanket around his stroller that one of our friends had and also around their little baby's carseat to protect them from the wind. The guys played a big game of football, which Chan loved. I picked up some pretty cool seashells to keep as a momento. There was a big board walk and also some carnival rides, but everything wasn't quite going yet. We are going to go back in another month and hopefully the weather will be a little warmer and not so windy. It was a good afternoon and we were very tired by the end of the day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Sunday Adventure at Independence Hall!

Well on this great Sunday adventure we witnessed some things that we usually wouldn't have back home. It was raining however we decided to make the trek back down to the big city. We went down to see the Liberty Bell, as well as Independence Hall. However when we got down there we found that they were having a huge Homosexual Rally! Seriously I must admit that it was quite the abominable sight. They have people up on a stage giving speaches and everything. It was definately something that we would not care to witness again. However Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell were awesome. We were able to take a tour of Independence Hall which was really interesting. We also got our picture taken in front of the Liberty Bell, It was definately worth the experience. We then came home and Brit and some of the other APX wifes make a really nice dinner.