Saturday, August 1, 2009

So Laurie and Laken came to see us last week and it was so much fun! We did lots of shopping at the outlets and the mall. We also tried out the yummy ice cream places. And we went to Intercourse and Gettysburg one day. In Intercourse we ate at a yummy buffet called the Shady Maple and went and looked at all the Amish shops. Then we went to Gettysburg from there which seemed like a forever drive but it is so worth it in the end to learn about all the history. They also got to experience the Liberty Bell and the famous Philly Cheesesteak. We had so much fun while they were out here and Hudson was spoiled again. He has so many clothes from both of his grandmas that he doesn't know what to do with all of them. We are grateful that both of our families that they were able to make it out to Philly to see us this summer. Chan and I know that it was really Hudson you came out to see but that is okay we were so excited to show you how big he is. We love both of our families so much and appreciate all the support. We are excited to be home in a couple of weeks to spend time with all of you!

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