Tuesday, June 16, 2009

These are some family photos of us on Sunday. Hudson could fit into one of his bigger outfits and he looked so cute!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let the teething begin!

Hudson has begun the teething process and some days are better than others, but he is still a good boy. I got some oregel to help his pain, but he doesn't like the taste to much. He pulls a face like someone put a lemon in his mouth. I feel bad but it is kind of funny at the same time. That stuff is fast acting but doesn't last for very long. He loves to chew on his frozen toys though, so that is very helpful. He is a tough little boy and I know we can make it through these dang old teeth!

The Skipback outing!

On Saturday a bunch of us wives went to the town of Skipback because they were having a little festival so we went to check it out. It was neat little town out in the country. We went and looked at all the vendors and ate lunch at the Fat Cat Cafe. I thought it was pretty good. Well Jacob and Hudson shared the stroller and they were the perfect size, but if they get any bigger there is no way they will both fit. It was really cute and they both just sat in there so good! It was a fun afternoon and it helped the long Saturday go by faster.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Big boy outfit!

I have had to go through all of Hudson's clothes and put away all the 0-3months and get out the 3-6months. It is a bitter sweet moment but I am excited he can start wearing bigger clothes. This is an outfit we got the other day and I thought it was so cute on him and he looked like a BIG BOY!

Hudson's New Toy!

So you all know we were limited to the stuff we brought out here for the summer because our car was loaded to the MAX! Well, we couldn't bring Hudson's play saucer and I was kind of bummed but of course we managed to get the golf clubs in....haha. (just kidding Chan) Anyways, Josh and Heidi put Jacob's together the other day and we went to over to their house and I put Hudson in it and he fell in love and so excited about everything! And he fit perfect in it, so they were nice enough to let us borrow it until Jacob got a little bigger and we appreciate it so much! He loves it and talks to all the little toys! It is so cute! We love to watch him in it. So thank-you Jacob for sharing your toys with Hudson! And Chan put his hat on him and he is such a cutie in it even with drool running down his face. And Grandpa Tod these pictures are for you. We wanted to get a head start and make him a Aggie fan now! Go Aggies!

The Pool Again!

Danny,Kelly,Hudson &Chan


Chan& Brit

"Uncle" Kelly &Hudson

Doesn't Kelly look a little cold?

We try to go to the pool as much as we can inbetween rain storms and before Chan has to go to work. Hudson is getting a lot more comfortable in the pool and he loves swimming with his dad. On Sunday the techs had a bbq and we hung out at the pool it was fun just to relax and the weather was perfect. They had juicy steaks,shrimp, salads and cream pies for us and we appreciated it so much! It was a great afternoon and I am so grateful for the beautiful location we are able live in this summer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hudson 4 months old!

Hudson getting out of the tub!

Look at my crazy hair!

Taking a nap

Sleeping in mom and dads bed
(whats new;)

Laying out by the pool with dad
Hudson is getting so big, he just turned four months and I can't believe how fast it has gone. He is such a good boy and I love spending time with him every day. We go for lots of walks on the path and down by the river. He loves to look at all the trees and everything on the path. He has the cutest giggle now too. And in the mornings he loves to spend time with Channing. Chan and I are so grateful for Hudson and the joy he brings to us each day! We love you Hudson!

Washington D.C. Trip

We left early Sunday morning to go to Washington D.C. and it was about a two and half hour drive. When we got there we parked in a sketchy neighborhood( hoping our cars would be there when we got back) and took the metro into the city. That was an experience and it made us kind of sick. We got off at the Smithsonian and went to the the Air and Space Museum which was really neat. Then we went the Capital building and it was so huge! We had to hurry and make it back to the Holacaust Museum before it closed and it was a very long walk, but so worth it. That is so neat and you can get a very good understanding of what those people went through. We then crossed the street over to the Washington Monuement and it was super windy up on that hill. Through the trees we saw The White House and wanted to get a little closer and good thing we went when we did because they close the sidewalk at a certain time each day. Security in this city is very serious and there are no ifs ands or buts about, so if you bring your knife or gun you will have to bury it somewhere and hope it is there when you get back.(A couple of guys that went with us had to do that) Anyways, we then went over to the Lincoln Memorial and Hudson was getting hungry and Chan and I were tired of walking, so we sat on a bench and waited for everyone. Then we headed back to the metro station and passed George Washington Universty which I thought was pretty cool. By the time we got on the Metro we were so tired and hungry we were ready to go home. After a long day of sight seeing our feet hurt but it was so worth it to see our nations capital.