Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Great Pres. Day!

Our friends Josh, Heidi and Jacob came down a couple weeks ago on President's Day. It was so fun to see them since we hadn't seen them since the summer when we left Philly. We took them to some of the historical sights of Twin ,out to eat and just hung out at our house. I felt so bad though because Hudson was getting his molars so he had a high fever and didn't feel very good the whole time. I wanted him to play with Jacob, but he just wanted to be held.(Poor little guy) So if you are curious why Hudson isn't in any of the pictures he was sleeping in the car and we didn't want to bother him he needed to sleep. Thanks for coming down to see us Wible's! We had a great time and hope to see you again soon!

Fun Weekend!

Laurie and Sawyer came and stayed with us on their way home from girls basketball state in boise. It was so much fun to have them and we went to Shoshone Falls and it was freezing but it was so beautiful I love going there and each time we go I love it even more.
Our little man dressed up for church. We love you Hudson!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Adventures of Hudson

Okay I am sorry this is a disgusting picture, and I am kind of embarassed to put it on but it is a funny story. Channing was getting Hudson ready to go bath and undressed him in his room and was letting him play while the tub was filling and ran the garbage out for me really quick. Well when he came back Hudson left a surprise on the floor for him. He was just glad he didn't squish it or try to pick it up. We were laughing so hard and just couldn't believe our sweet little boy would do such a thing:)

Hudson the Naked Cowboy riding his pony!

Hudson with just a few of his hats he likes to wear through out the day, especially his Justin Boots one.

Hudson loves to bath and to play with all of his fun bath toys he got for his birthday. And when he is done bathing he just throws all of his toys over the side of the tub and pulls at the drain it is so funny.

Hudson in One!!!

I can't believe how fast time goes by. Our little Hudsy is one! His birthday was on January 30th,but with school and work schedules we went a couple weeks early down to our families to celebrate. We had two celebrations one at the Jensen's and the other at the Hemsley's. He ate lots of cake(I think to much because he was a little sick), opened lots of presents and got all the attention. Thanks to both of our families for helping us celebrate Hudson's first birthday! We love you all! On the day of his birthday we went and ate at Chilis and then went to the CSI Cowboy Boxing Smoker which he enjoyed then got sleepy towards the end. Hudson is the happiest little guy, loves hats(especially trying on all of Chan's hats with him),playing with the volleyball and basketball,reading all of his books,playing with his farm toys, taking baths and playing with his bath toys and of course going outside. He is walking and now starting to run all over and he is a cruiser for sure. He is so much fun and we couldn't be happier. Hudson brings so much joy into our lives. We are so grateful for him...We love you Hudson and Happy Birthday!