Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We Made It to Twin Falls!

Well I know it has been awhile but inbetween moving home from Philly and moving to Twin it has been kind of crazy. We don't have internet at our apartment yet but hopefully soon. It is so good to be back in Idaho and closer to our families. Channing left a day earlier than me from Philly and I flew out early the next morning. I had to fly to Alanta, Georgia and there I realized my wallet wasn't in my bag. I was freaking out and in the mean time trying to find my next flight that was suppose to board in twenty minutes and not being able to talk to anyone because my phone was broke. I could hear them talking to me but they couldn't hear me. (thank goodness for texting though) Chan was driving through the state of Wyoming and he got a hold of the bank and cancled my cards. So the whole flight to Salt Lake I couldn't stop thinking about anything else but my wallet. And the lady I was sitting by said you will never get it back because people aren't honest. When I finally flew in my father-in-law picked me up which I was glad to see him and very relieved. I got to my parents house and I wanted to check my facebook and I had something in the my inbox and it was from a flight attendant from Delta that found my wallet on the plane going to Montego Bay. She told me to call her and she would send it to me. The biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was so amazed. I am the luckiest person ever! I couldn't thank her enough and the way she wanted me to repay her was that when someone needs help I am suppose to help them out the way she helped me. That made me believe there are honest people in the world today. I got my wallet in the mail last week and I am still stunned I got it back. Anyways, we are in Twin now and Chan was suppose to start school yesterday but I told him that it started today so he missed a whole first day of classes....oops;) Hopefully he will forgive me. We really like our apartment and hopefully we will get more aquainted with people but we are exicited to be here. I gave Hudson a haircut the other night and he looks so cute! I am glad I did it...and dad, he doesn't have a grandpa Eddie combover anymore. I am hoping to get pictures on soon! Chan got a job at Home Depot in the lumber department and he is pretty excited. He is going to be a busy man going to school and working but I am so grateful for him and his hard work ethic. I am going to stay at home with Hudson which I am very lucky to be able to do but between both of Chan's schedules we figured I won't be able to work. But we can't complain, we are just livin the americam dream...... Broke, but happy!!!

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  1. Wow Brit, you are lucky you found your wallet! That is crazy she contacted you through facebook. And I also think you are the luckiest girl ever because you get to live in Twin Falls. That would be my dream to live there!!