Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hudson and his new bed!

My parents came up on Monday on their way to Jackpot to a photography convention and theybrought up Hudson's crib up since we could never fit it in our car. We appreciated it so much! So his first night sleeping in it we went pretty good and he only woke up once(which is really good for him) and the next morning Chan went and go him out and his arm was totally out of his pajamas but all of his buttons were still done up. We wondered how in the heck he managed to do that, but he did. He is the funniest little boy because he sleeps on his knees face done and we try to move him him but he always ends up back in that position. We are grateful for his crib so hopefully no more sleeping with mom and dad.


  1. your little boy is too cute! You guys have such a cute family! they grow up way too fast!!!

  2. Hudson is adorable, Brit! He has your pretty eyes! I would love love to live in Twin, so we could hang out!