Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Washington D.C. Trip

We left early Sunday morning to go to Washington D.C. and it was about a two and half hour drive. When we got there we parked in a sketchy neighborhood( hoping our cars would be there when we got back) and took the metro into the city. That was an experience and it made us kind of sick. We got off at the Smithsonian and went to the the Air and Space Museum which was really neat. Then we went the Capital building and it was so huge! We had to hurry and make it back to the Holacaust Museum before it closed and it was a very long walk, but so worth it. That is so neat and you can get a very good understanding of what those people went through. We then crossed the street over to the Washington Monuement and it was super windy up on that hill. Through the trees we saw The White House and wanted to get a little closer and good thing we went when we did because they close the sidewalk at a certain time each day. Security in this city is very serious and there are no ifs ands or buts about, so if you bring your knife or gun you will have to bury it somewhere and hope it is there when you get back.(A couple of guys that went with us had to do that) Anyways, we then went over to the Lincoln Memorial and Hudson was getting hungry and Chan and I were tired of walking, so we sat on a bench and waited for everyone. Then we headed back to the metro station and passed George Washington Universty which I thought was pretty cool. By the time we got on the Metro we were so tired and hungry we were ready to go home. After a long day of sight seeing our feet hurt but it was so worth it to see our nations capital.

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