Friday, June 12, 2009

Hudson's New Toy!

So you all know we were limited to the stuff we brought out here for the summer because our car was loaded to the MAX! Well, we couldn't bring Hudson's play saucer and I was kind of bummed but of course we managed to get the golf clubs in....haha. (just kidding Chan) Anyways, Josh and Heidi put Jacob's together the other day and we went to over to their house and I put Hudson in it and he fell in love and so excited about everything! And he fit perfect in it, so they were nice enough to let us borrow it until Jacob got a little bigger and we appreciate it so much! He loves it and talks to all the little toys! It is so cute! We love to watch him in it. So thank-you Jacob for sharing your toys with Hudson! And Chan put his hat on him and he is such a cutie in it even with drool running down his face. And Grandpa Tod these pictures are for you. We wanted to get a head start and make him a Aggie fan now! Go Aggies!

1 comment:

  1. I love Hudsons hair! It's so cute. I love all the pictures. He is adorable.

    I wish it was a little warmer here.....We took Compton swimming and it was a little too chilly....for me :) Haha, Compton did fine though...he loves the water.