Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Sunday Adventure at Independence Hall!

Well on this great Sunday adventure we witnessed some things that we usually wouldn't have back home. It was raining however we decided to make the trek back down to the big city. We went down to see the Liberty Bell, as well as Independence Hall. However when we got down there we found that they were having a huge Homosexual Rally! Seriously I must admit that it was quite the abominable sight. They have people up on a stage giving speaches and everything. It was definately something that we would not care to witness again. However Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell were awesome. We were able to take a tour of Independence Hall which was really interesting. We also got our picture taken in front of the Liberty Bell, It was definately worth the experience. We then came home and Brit and some of the other APX wifes make a really nice dinner.

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  1. Brit! It looks like you guys are having alot of fun in Philly. Your apartment looks really nice too. How fun!