Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Downtown Philly!

On one of our big Sunday adventures, "Sunday being our only day off," We headed to downtown Philly to check out some of the sites. We started our big crusade at the Love Park, well there were plenty of kids riding around on their skateboards, until the cops showed up of course, then they scattered like frightened deer. It was actually pretty interesting to watch. While there we were also able to witness a wedding photo shoot. There was a huge company of African American decent pull up in black limos. The men were wearing cream colored tuxedos with gold ties, while the women were all in gold dresses. There were honestly many interesting people in this park as you will see from the pictures. It was fun though, we of course had to get our picture taken under the LOVE sign. We then walked across the street to the Game Park. This is where there were several life sized game pieces. Then were were onto the Rocky steps, Chan of course did not attempt to climb them for fear of a heart attack, so his simply settled for a picture in front of the Rocky statue. It was a very hot day but none the less it was one that we probably won't forget, Hudson was such a good boy but when it was all said and done even he was ready to go home.

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  1. Hey lady! I ran into your mom last night at the rodeo and she filled me in a little about where you were and what was going on with you. Your little boy is so dang cute! I'm due on June 15th and can't wait to meet ours. Keep updating your blog so we can keep in touch!