Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Hemsley Family is in Philly together...finally!

Well, Hudson and I finally made it out to Philadephia safely on Monday April 20th. It was so nice to finally get here. My mom took to the airport and it was so sad to say good-bye. I have seen her everyday for the last three weeks and it will be so much different. Hudson will miss her too. Thanks for letting us stay Mom and Dad and thanks to my brothers and sisters for helping with Hudson. We miss you! The plane ride was good and Hudson was amazing he was so good and slept most of the time. A lot of the people on the flight told me how good he was and they were so amazed he didn't even make a peep. Channing was waiting in the terminal as soon as I got off the plane with a big sign that said "Britney and Hudson." It was so cute and I was so happy to see him. The only trouble we had the whole time flying was one of my bags must of got caught on something when it was coming out of the baggage claim, so when it came out the whole side pocket was ripped out and cords were hanging out of it and I lost my brand new bottles of hairspray and mousse. I was really bummed about it to. (people that know me it was pretty tramatic losing that stuff;) Our new apartment is super nice and big. It has a great view of the Skullyview River which flows into the Delaware River. It has a nice walking trail beside it and Hudson and I have been taking walks on it which is nice and he loves it! Yesterday we went to the King of Prussia Mall which is the biggest mall on the east coast and it has every store you could ever dream of. We only made half way through because my feet hurt from walking and Hudson got hungry. The people out here are very scarey drivers and they honk at you just to honk because you aren't going fast enough. And without a GPS you could end up in who knows where. I don't think I am going to drive out here I will just leave that up to Chan. Channing is working hard and we are enjoying it out here and anyone that wants to come and visit come on out because we have a extra bed. I will keep you updated on our adventures out here in Philly!

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