Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

This was Hudson's second Easter and Chan had to work so when Hudson woke up I showed him what Easter Bunny brought him and he was so excited about his new basketball and new shoes. He wanted to go outside so bad to play basketball, but the weather was freezing outside. He loves to watch us throw the ball in the air and bounce it. And when grandpa came up that Friday he was teaching him how to catch it. Now he sticks his hands out to try to catch it. He also got a new swimming suit, church outfit and a new Baby Einstein book that on the very front page it has a banana and he will point to it in the book then point to the kitchen. He loves bananas so much that is all he wants to eat and we have to hide them from him. We have to be careful when we say the "B" word. I also enjoyed conference weekend and listening to what I need to do to better myself each day. There were some great talks and how we need to strengthen our families. Hudson loved listening to the choir sing and he would see the choirester and copy cat what he was doing. It was so funny. When Channing got home from work on Easter afternoon we had a great Easter dinner and spent time together as a family and went for a walk. It was a great day and I am so greatful for Channing and all of his hard work for our family!

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