Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Adventures of Hudson

Okay I am sorry this is a disgusting picture, and I am kind of embarassed to put it on but it is a funny story. Channing was getting Hudson ready to go bath and undressed him in his room and was letting him play while the tub was filling and ran the garbage out for me really quick. Well when he came back Hudson left a surprise on the floor for him. He was just glad he didn't squish it or try to pick it up. We were laughing so hard and just couldn't believe our sweet little boy would do such a thing:)

Hudson the Naked Cowboy riding his pony!

Hudson with just a few of his hats he likes to wear through out the day, especially his Justin Boots one.

Hudson loves to bath and to play with all of his fun bath toys he got for his birthday. And when he is done bathing he just throws all of his toys over the side of the tub and pulls at the drain it is so funny.


  1. That is so stinkin' funny! I am laughing my head off! That has totally happened to us, too, but Riley decided to play in it. Sick!! Your little boy is so dang cute!! He's got the most beautiful eyes!!

  2. Seriously you have to post a picture of your childs poop on your blogspot... that is so not cool!